Unique things about staying in a Canadian homestay!


unique things

Today is International Family Day and, in order to celebrate this day, MLI Homestay has prepared a special list of unique things about staying in a Canadian Homestay.


They’re going to be your second family!
When you arrive, they are as curious to meet you as you are to meet them. It all starts with a short conversation and before you know it you’re sharing stories with each other! Soon you`re going to feel at home and, believe me, it`s not going to be easy to say goodbye! Your host family is going to be in your heart forever and ever.

There’s nothing like mom’s cooking! And it’s no different in Canada!
Being with a host family will give you the opportunity to try and enjoy the best of the traditional Canadian cuisine! No breakfast is better than ‘Mom Made’ Canadian pancakes with maple syrup.

Being part of a community!
When you stay with a local family, you’re not only visiting a place, you’re part of it! This is the true immersion into the Canadian culture!  This is an amazing way to make friends, perfect your English skills and experience the Canadian lifestyle, eh?


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