Fun things to do for Canada day for families!


Canada Day

    • Go to the beach with your family. Use the holiday as an excuse to bake in the sun, enjoy the warm weather and cool water.
    • Bring your family to the park for a picnic. Most Canadians spend this holiday outdoors so you will be able to take advantage of the summer heat and maybe make new friends.
    • Have your family and friends over for an old fashioned barbecue.
  • Bring your family to your town`s local parade. Show your pride by dressing up in all red and white, you will get extra points from your friends if face paint is involved.
  • Bring your family to a carnival. Eat fried dough, snack on cotton candy, go on all of your favorite rides and play all the games.
    • Look up local concerts in your area. Many cities and towns hold festivals where bands will play music at outdoor venues.
    • Go camping with your family during the weekend and enjoy everything that the Canadian wilderness has to offer.
    • There is nothing more Canadian than hockey. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. Take an exhibit tour and honor your favorite players.
    • Bring your family to your local fireworks show to watch the colorful explosions light up the sky.
    • Go fishing with your family. Canada is famous for awesome bass fishing and this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate Canada.
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